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In 2015 an environmentalist became obsessed with microplastic pollution. The Problem With Plastic started as a blog in the same year, aiming to raise awareness about marine plastic pollution. Later a slightly crazed media-man joined the team, and slowly this blog started growing into something else. And we are growing with it.


The Problem With Plastic first aims to inform everyone of marine plastic pollution, and secondly to encourage simple but crucial changes in people’s daily lives. In addition, The Problem With Plastic bonds science and graphic design to offer you, dear reader, easy to understand scientific content. An infographics section has being added so you can check them out if you don’t feel like reading – although we make a promise to almost never write long essay-type posts.

Sit down, have a look around and enjoy. Then stand up and be the change you want to see! Maybe tell others? Do a beach cleanup? What about going crazy and starting a zero plastic life style?

And here our favourite infographic: