Zero Waste living – interviewing Khristina Santos from La Vida Uve

Lee la versión en Castellano aquí  It’s the 21st century and we live very busy lives in this throw-away society where plastic is quite convenient (let’s face it). However, all five oceans and also the stomachs of whales, seabirds and fish are full of litter. This doesn’t sound right and there is another way to do things while not destroying the planet: let us introduce you the […]

Why recycling plastic is not the answer

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new products. Today, the 17th of May, we celebrate International Recycling Day. If you think that recycling all your plastics was the best thing you could do for the environment, then you are wrong. It’s understandable that you would believe this, so do many others! Even throughout my degree on […]

This is the problem with plastic, summarised

Plastic production has grown exponentially in recent decades. According to the latest report from Plastics Europe (a European organization which represents plastic manufacturers), in 2015 alone 150 times more plastic was produced than in 1955. China is currently the biggest manufacturer of plastics, followed by Europe, the US and the rest of Asia. Focusing only […]

We need to put the breaks on plastic

Let’s be honest, plastics are easy to manufacture and they have brought innumerable benefits to the development of our society (i.e. food safety, transportation, construction and medicine). Nowadays, plastics have an important role in our global economy. However, we’ve got to a point where they have become worryingly common: at least 8 million tonnes of plastics […]